IEE Marks Seventy Years of Market Leadership in Enhanced Displays

Southern California Company at Forefront of Technology Integration in Display Products

September 14—2016, Van Nuys, CA—IEE celebrates its seventieth year developing and manufacturing innovative display products for a variety of military, aerospace and industrial applications. IEE has hundred’s of thousands of displays deployed worldwide and is known for its time-to-market product development, long product lifecycles and responsive customer support.

Industrial Electronic Engineers (IEE) realized display products, the company was a pioneer in rear projection readouts displays that are still produced today. IEE had several industry “firsts” including the first infrared touch-screen and the first extreme-wide temperature LCD without a heater.

IEE’s diverse client base reflects the universal need for rugged displays and monitors in a variety of applications. IEE mil/aero displays can be found in virtually all land, sea and air applications, from submarines to spacecraft. Industrial customers include transportation systems that integrate ticketing and gate systems, ATM’s, gas stations, and grocery stores to name a few.

Time and cost efficiencies are two critical components in measuring “Total Cost of Ownership,” a key decision factor in customer evaluation and selection of display suppliers. Given IEE’s in-house prototyping and manufacturing, they lead the industry in rapid product development, yielding superior time and cost efficiencies for customers. IEE answers the call for the next generation of avionics efficiencies by the use of Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) parts, and standardization of software systems that comply with “Future Airborne Compatibility Environment” (FACE) standards.

“IEE integrates the latest technology into display products faster than anyone in the world,” declared Tom Whinfrey, CEO of IEE. “Our time-to-market is second-to-none in the display industry.”

IEE has come a long way from it’s beginning in 1946. Industrial and military customers have required more integration of hardware and software as a finished product, leading IEE to offer Smart Displays, a combination of an embedded processor, rugged LCD panel, and sealed switches and keys. This is in addition to a variety of product segments including flat panels, hand-held units, environmentally sealed, and high-bright monitors and displays.

While IEE has pre-engineered display solutions that minimize lead time and Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) costs, they also specialize in custom displays engineered to the customer’s optical enhancements, touch-screen and display enclosure requirements.

“IEE plans on doubling the business in the next couple of years given our ability to rapidly develop product using the latest technology,” says Whinfrey. “We also have the unique advantage of catering to both smaller quantity, highly custom display needs as well as high-volume production output for our clients. The future looks bright.”

About IEE: Celebrating its 70th anniversary, Industrial Electronic Engineers, IEE, is a trusted provider of enhanced displays for military and industrial applications. From rapid prototyping of custom designs to full-scale production runs, IEE, located in Van Nuys, CA, produces innovative displays with advanced features like multi-mode backlighting, optically bonded touch screens and lightweight, ruggedized enclosures. IEE’s direct control of critical process steps reduces costs, decreases production lead times and improves life cycle management. IEE display products are found in virtually every environment and application worldwide. For more information: visit

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