Military - Ground

Ground Vehicle and Soldier Displays

IEE delivers rugged in-vehicle and manpack monitors and control display units tailored to your requirements. Military displays must deliver reliable performance under demanding conditions; our handheld devices and tactical displays for ground mobile applications are built and tested to survive everything from a boot kick to nuclear, biological or chemical decontamination procedures.

IEE's field-proven designs leverage almost 70 years of experience building displays that have to survive on the battlefield. Our vehicle and handheld displays feature:

Housings that can handle any conditions

  • Fungus resistant (non-nutrient) materials like aluminum or composite
  • Built to withstand heavy shock ballistic shock
  • Sealed to withstand washdown/decontamination procedures, submersible to 1 meter
  • CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings) paint

Readability under all lighting conditions

  • Enhanced backlighting that ranges from full sunlight readability to NVIS compatibility
  • Extended dimming range
  • Optical bonding of protective and touchscreen elements to minimize reflections and maximize contrast
  • Specialty anti-reflective/anti-glare coatings

Reliable buttons and controls

  • Custom sealed bezels and buttons
  • Operable with MOPP-IV gloves
  • Touchscreens that work with gloved hands

Design and testing to key military specifications

  • Human Engineering Design – MIL STD 1472
  • Power – MIL STD 1275
  • Environmental Conditions – MIL STD 810
  • EMI /EMC– MIL STD 461, MIL STD 462

Depending on your specific application, IEE can provide an existing Handheld CDU, Enhanced LCD monitor or In-vehicle computer as an off-the-shelf solution or we can deliver a custom product built to address your requirements. Browse some of our previous ground display solutions.

  • Counter IED Jammer Operator Interface Over 25,000 units delivered and in-theater in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Counter IED Jammer Operator Interface with NVIS compatible status LEDs
  • Air Defense Radar Antenna Control Interface Unit
  • 3.5” full color display with 9-key interface
  • 3.5” Full color display with browser interface
  • 7” Browser-based display with ARM processor
  • Advanced Boresight Equipment Display Custom segmented TN LCD and 20-key handheld control unit
  • Satellite Radio Front Panel
  • Satellite Radio Front Pane

  • 10.4" Ground Vehicle Smart Display

  • 12.1" Rugged Smart Display

  • 15" Ground Vehicle Smart Display

  • 12.1 Inch Rugged GVA Smart Display