IEE Expands 3D Display Technologies to Retail Applications

IEE Expands 3D Display Technologies to Retail Applications

NRF 2012, New York, NY – January 2012 – IEE, Inc., renown for its innovative, cutting-edge display technologies, has expanded the use of 3M’s revolutionary 3D film technology into retail display applications, including pole displays, point of sale displays and kiosks. By eliminating the need for special viewing glasses, 3M’s autostereoscopic film enables users to view 3D images with the naked eye. IEE combines this enhanced imaging with its most current display and display interface technologies to improve consumer engagement.

Retailers can now deliver 3D content to viewers directly at the point of sale or within merchandise aisles to increase consumer engagement and offer promotional opportunities. Examples include displays offering movie trailers or targeted content at retail outlets such as movie theatres, gas stations or gaming stores. Other applications include amusement parks and fast-food restaurants that utilize popular first-run movies and video games in current promotions.

Steve Motter, vice president business development for IEE, stated, “With the increased amount of 3D content being produced in the entertainment and gaming industries, delivering this imagery without special glasses opens a whole new world for retailers. It’s a natural progression to incorporate this 3D technology into retail displays to give consumers useful information, such as videos, complementary products, and detailed specifications. Our goal is to give the viewer a better user experience on the best imaging platform available.”

Norb Biderman, director, 3M Industrial and Transportation noted, “We’re always excited when the innovations developed by 3M make the user’s life easier. Although first applied in IEE’s military displays, our 3D film is now benefiting consumers every day in the retail world, thanks to the integration with IEE’s extensive line of retail displays. This combination will take product marketing to an entirely new level.”

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