Case Studies

IEE's roots as a custom display design and engineering firm are highlighted in our case study examples.

CST-100 Spacecraft Pilot Display Units

Design Display Units for extreme space environment characterized by extreme light and dark conditions.

High Resolution Multi-Function Display

Design a high luminance, widescreen, high resolution display for a severe dynamic environment.

Multi-function avionics display

Design and deliver a working prototype of a MFD for combat and training aircraft in a matter of days.

Airborne Data Loader

Upgrade the display for an FAA certified data loader in a way that would permit the use of existing components in order to minimize re-certification time and expenses.

Drive Up Teller Display

Upgrade an existing design to a full sunlight readable display with heating unit and electronics to support two-way video communications between customer and teller.

Ticket kiosk display for the transportation Industry

Design an open-frame, sunlight readable display to drop in to a variety of custom enclosures for ticket vending machines subject to heat, cold and vibration.

Display for toll collection

Create a protected, sunlight readable display subsystem for an automated toll collection machine.

Process control display for factory floor

Re-design a display for an existing enclosure that had to function in dirty factory environments.

Ticket validator display

Replace and end-of-life panel with one that would deliver improved performance while eliminating the need for expensive modifications to case and custom content.