ATLAS 2 Display Mounting Systems

ATLAS 2 Display Mounting Systems

Our Atlas 2 bezels are made from a glass-filled nylon compound that is bonded to an optically correct color filter with a non-glare finish; eight colors are available. The filter improves the display's contrast ratio and reduces ambient glare.

Black masks can be placed on the filters to frame the display characters while blocking out the rest of the display's inactive area. In addition, legends and logos can be included on the filters.

Each bezel system has threaded inserts on the back side for attachment to a panel. When properly installed, the bezel/filter mounting system protects the display from dust, dirt, spills and splashes. The Atlas 2 system package contains a pre-assembled bezel/filter unit, instructions, and mounting tips.

Atlas Display Mounting System Selection Guide

Bezel/Filter System Part Number
Optical Filters
-01 neutral gray

-02 green

-03 blue


Standard bezel/filter system without silk-screened filter.

* = without non-glare surface
-04 amber

-05 aqua

-06 red

-07 clear

-08 clear*

-09 yellow-orange

-10 neutral gray (CP)

-11 green (CP)

-12 amber (CP)

-13 red (CP)

-14 yellow (CP)

-01 thru -99

Special bezel/filter system with silk-screened black border or other fixed messages. A specific 2 digit number will be assigned to each customer for reordering purposes.