Touch Screen Integration

The best touch technology for your application

Selecting the appropriate touch technology for your application can be tricky unless you have first-hand experience with the various options and understand the trade-offs inherent with each. If you’re looking for an industrial display solution, any of our standard industrial monitor products can be customized with either a projected capacitive or resistive-touch screen.

IEE can incorporate any touch screen technology available today into your custom design. In our in-house clean room, we can add touch functionality to almost any LCD panel using either optical bonding (wet) or dry bonding techniques. We work closely with you to select the technology that provides the best features and performance at the highest optical and cost efficiency.

Touch Screen Selection Guide

Touch Feature and Performance Attribute 5 Wire Resistive Projected Capacitive Surface Capacitive Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Infrared (IR)
Touch Accuracy High Medium Medium Med-High Low
Gloved Finger Activation Yes Some No Yes Yes
Pen/Stylus Activation Yes Some Some Some Yes
Light Transmissivity 75 – 85% 90 - 95% 85 - 93% 90 - 95% Up to 100%
Ease of Integration High Low-Med Medium Medium Low-Med
Cost Low-Med High Low-Med Medium High
Number of Touches 35+M Unlimited 150+M 100M Unlimited
Durability Medium High Med-High Med-High High
Chemical Resistance Low High Med-High High High
Surface Debris Resistance Medium High Medium Low Low
Multi-touch Yes Yes No No yes