Field-proven displays for military and aerospace markets

IEE has been a trusted provider of rugged displays for almost 70 years. We have delivered tens of thousands of handheld, in-vehicle, airborne and naval LCD displays to all military branches as well as leading aerospace firms. Our enhanced flat panels and smart displays are designed to deliver critical information under extreme conditions.

Military Flat Panel Displays Military Handheld Control Display Units Military Smart Displays
Enhanced Flat Panel Displays Handheld Devices Smart
Rugged LCD monitors
built for optimal image quality under all lighting conditions from NVIS to full sunlight. Enhanced to meet all relevant MILSPECs.
Ultra-rugged, light-weight, portable devices designed to control military equipment ranging from IED jammers to missile defense systems. A combination of an embedded processor, rugged LCD panel and sealed switches and keys that brings interactive computing power to the battlefield.
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