Liquid Crystal Displays

Choose IEE's Daystar™ Nova liquid crystal displays (LCD) for demanding applications that require direct sunlight readability, wide operating temperature range or extremely low power consumption. The displays feature extra-large characters for outstanding legibility and are perfectly suited for outdoor applications. The dot matrix font allows for well-formed upper and lower-case letters and special symbols.

  • Sunlight Readable
  • Wide Temperature Range (-30ºC to +80ºC)
  • High Contrast SBE Liquid Crystal Technology – Readable at Wide Viewing Angles
  • Low +5 VDC Operation
  • EL, LED, Fiber Optic, Reflective only Backlighting Options
  • Remote Operation up to 50 feet with Serial Data Input Option
  • Built-in Temperature Compensation

Our Daystar SBE modules feature 4 lines of 20 and 4 lines of 40 blue-black characters on a golden-green background with a library of 197 alphanumeric, symbols and user-defined characters. The serial input option provides an added set of 206 characters, downloadable eight at a time.

Three backlighting illumination options are available:

  • Electroluminescent (EL) for operation in very low ambient light
  • Prism focused LEDs for three colors of backlighting in very low ambient light
  • White fiber optics for uniform long life backlighting in low ambient light

All displays have microcontrollers that support the 4- or 8-bit parallel interface with an optional on-board interface controller to support an EIA-232 serial input. All timing, refresh and display functions are controlled by the modules, and backlighting power is supplied by the host system on a separate connection.

Daystar Nova SBE Part Number Scheme

Nova Part Number