Interactive Kiosks

Durable displays for interactive kiosks

Self-service kiosks require rugged, reliable components for long service life and low total cost of ownership. While using a commodity display can offer the appearance of a lower cost, IEE's rugged industrial displays can easily make up the difference in initial cost over the life of the kiosk.

We start with LCD panels from leading glass manufacturers. Our panels are chosen for their build quality as well as the expected availability of the panel in the future to ensure that you won't have to modify your kiosk design because the LCD display you've selected is discontinued six months from now. Our industrial-grade displays are built to handle environmental factors like dust, heat, humidity and vibration -- factors that can drastically reduce the service life of ordinary monitors.

We can customize your kiosk display with the features necessary for your specific application. Whether you need a touch panel or vandal proof protective glass we can optically bond materials to the front of the LCD in ways that not only add functionality but increase optical performance. In addition to touch, we can incorporate programmable keys as part of the display bezel enabling allowing for a truly custom user experience.

Kiosk integrators developing a kiosk for an indoor application should start with our OEMSelect series. Those looking to deploy kiosks in outdoor environments, or any situation that calls for excellent image quality under challenging lighting conditions, should consider our OptiBright line. For kiosks where physical size is a consideration, or if you are looking for a partner that can provide computing power as well as displays, talk to us about our intelligent displays.