Industrial Products

Does your industrial display perform under pressure?

IEE's enhanced displays survive where commodity displays can't. No matter the industry, our monitors are built to withstand the harshest conditions. Start with our OEMSelect, EnviroShield or OptiBright products and, if you need something special, talk to us about a display designed specifically for you.

Open frame display for integration into customer design   Rugged industrial monitors suited for harsh conditions Industrial displays that optimize brightness, clarity and readability
OEMSelect EnviroShield OptiBright
Flexible, economical,
open-frame displays
for integration into
your own case designs.
Ultra-rugged displays
in a case that offers
maximum protection
under extreme conditions.
High-performance displays
for full sunlight readability
or any application where
the primary requirement is image quality.
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Why Choose IEE Solutions?

Seventy years of technical expertise
IEE has deep roots in engineering and manufacturing rugged displays for Military and Industrial customers. Since 1946 customers have trusted our mechanical and electrical engineers to create and deliver innovative display solutions designed and built right here in the U.S.A. Choose from a range of products with the features you need at a competitive price.

The best display for your application
IEE doesn’t limit your options by relying on a single panel provider. We draw from a wide selection of glass suppliers to find just the right display that fits your unique application.

Customized solutions at a competitive price
Our rapid prototyping capabilities and U.S. manufacturing facility means we can turn your design around in a matter of weeks, and deliver a product tailored to your specific requirements at a reasonable cost, even if your volume requirements are modest.

Lifecycle management
By closely monitoring the roadmaps of our panel suppliers we are able to anticipate component end-of-life challenges to help you find alternatives that minimize re-design costs. We work with vendors that are committed to providing their panels for five to seven years, so you can be confident that your ongoing orders and component replacements will be readily available.

Lower total cost of ownership
IEE’s display experience, low failure rates, warranty support and proactive lifecycle management gives your company the edge in managing the total cost of ownership of your display solutions.