Handheld Devices

IEE’s family of Handheld Control Display Units (HH-CDUs) are combat proven, sunlight readable, MIL-qualified units designed for soldier mount, vehicle mount or man-pack handheld use. The backlit enhanced displays are available in a wide range of sizes and resolutions as well as with low power, high performance reprogrammable microprocessors supporting industry standard peripherals and communication protocols. The device operator interfaces are matched to the application-specific I/O needs through buttons, keypads, and/or touch screen technologies responding to stylus, finger or gloved hand inputs.

IEE now offers 3D display technology from 3M in a 4.8" WVGA handheld device – click here to see the news release.

Product Features:
  • Military Qualified, Combat Proven, Rugged Units for MIL-STD-810 Environments, including Wide -40°C to +70°C Operating Temperature
  • Display Sizes and Resolutions Range from 4-line 2.8" Character Displays to Full Graphic Displays from 3.5" QVGA through 7.0" wide SVGA
  • Multi-mode Backlighting Systems that Provide Sunlight Readability and NVIS Compatibility
  • Integrated Touch Screen Technology: Resistive, IR, SAW, Multi-touch
  • Low Power, High Performance Reprogrammable Microprocessor-based Operation, Supporting Customization
  • Flexible Serial Data Interfacing through Industry Standard Ethernet and EIA RS-422
  • Functionality Ranging from Basic Text I/O to Full Web Browser Features Supporting HTML 5.0 Executing Java Scripts
  • Linux or Android OS Hosted on an ARM Processor
  • Optional “Zeroize” Switch under an Accident-proof Cover

Click links below to view product specifications. Please contact us for more information and pricing:

Handheld Product Overview