Equipment Front Panels

In many applications, such as radio communication devices, encrypted communication, avionics, condition-based maintenance subsystems and embedded training products, our customers are frequently experts in the design and development of complex subsystems where the human-systems interface represents only a small (but important) part of the product. In these cases, the IEE design team works closely with our customer’s design team to provide our expertise in the selection, design and integration of enhanced displays, touch screens, rugged-sealed keyboards, and custom back or edge lit switch bezels. Our experience complements and enhances our customer’s design capabilities.

The equipment front panel products that we create are generally sealed stand-alone assemblies that interconnect with our customer's device through one or more connectors. Here are some examples of our achievements to date.

Mini-Dama Controller
Mini-Dama Controller
Military Radio Front Panel with rugged display
Falcon Radio Front Panel
control panel with military-grade display for UHF SATCOM radio
military display and rugged keypad for Modem GPS Controller
Modem GPS Controller
Military Field Radio Front Panels with rugged displays
                        Various Military Field Radio Front Panels