Enhanced Flat Panel Displays

Military monitor - 25.5 inch airborne operator console display IEE has an extensive product portfolio of rugged, MIL-STD qualified flat panel displays. Our military LCD monitor designs can incorporate keypads, switch bezels and feature lightweight enclosures that can stand up to demanding environments.

With tens of thousands of military displays deployed in ground vehicles, ships and aircraft, IEE understands the requirements of the military customer. Our enhanced flat panel displays include features like multi-mode backlighting, brightness control from NVIS to high bright, optical bonding of protective glass, touch screens, EMI filtering, and custom anti-reflective/anti-glare (AR/AG) coatings.

Depending on your intended application and priorities IEE can deliver an existing military display design that minimizes lead times, a modification of an existing design that minimizes NRE or a completely custom solution that addresses your exact needs.

Size Resolution Brightness Contrast
7" 800x480 WVGA 450 cd/m2 500:1
8.4" 1024x768 XGA 500 cd/m2 600:1
10.4" 1024x768 XGA 400 cd/m2 1200:1
12.1" 1024x768 XGA 200 cd/m2 600:1
15" 1024x768 XGA 200 cd/m2 500:1
19" 1280x1024 SXGA 200 cd/m2 800:1
24" 1920x1200 WUXGA 400 cd/m2 800:1
25.5" 1980x1200 WUXGA 350 cd/m2 1500:1

Military Enhanced Flat Panel Features
  • Broad range of color LCD display sizes
    • Standard sizes include 7.0", 8.4", 10.4", 12.1", 15.0", 19.0", 24.0" and 25.5"
  • Touch screens that can work even with MOPP-4 gloves
    • Resistive: 5-wire and 8-wire, single and gesturing multi-touch
    • Projected capacitive (PCAP) multi-touch
  • Active brightness enhancement
    • High bright LED backlights/controllers
    • Dual backlighting systems that go from sunlight readable to NVIS compatible
  • Automatic brightness control and on-screen display controllers
  • Passive brightness enhancement films
  • The right LCD video controller for your application
    • DVI and analog RGB standard inputs
    • Optional support for composite video, Ethernet and USB
  • Products that meet or exceed key military standards
    • Environmental: MIL-STD-810, DO-160
    • EMI/EMC: MIL-STD-461/462
    • Panel construction & lighting: MIL-P-7788
    • NVIS: MIL-STD-3009
    • Power: MIL-STD-704, MIL-STD-1275
    • Shock – MIL S 901D
    • Vibration – MIL STD 167