Display Bonding and Lamination

IEE’s in-house bonding and lamination facility uses the latest techniques to reduce costs, improve production lead-times and production rates, and give you consistent high quality displays through direct control of our critical process steps. We utilize the DuPont™ Vertak® bonding process, a proven, UV stable adhesive technology, that allows us to perform direct LCD bonding from a 1.5” to 30” active display area. The benefits you receive by using our bonding and lamination capabilities are:

  • Improved Display Contrast, Sunlight Readability and Light Transmission
  • Reduced Internal Light Reflections and Parallax Issues
  • Reduced Condensation and Internal Dust Buildup
  • Improved Durability and Impact Resistance
  • Touch Screen Integration Capability


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Optical Bonding and Lamination Capabilities Overview